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Electric Trucks Europe – The Best Options Right Now

Electric vehicles are becoming a common sight in most countries around the world. And for a good reason, this trend is going to continue increasing. But the electrification of one segment of the market – the commercial vehicles, especially from medium to heavy vehicles was seen as very complicated and demanding. But over the years, there has been tremendous progress made in this segment. Continue reading as we explore the electric trucks Europe market and the best options that are available to buy.

The CV segment has vehicles that operate in an extremely diverse range of tasks, unlike the passenger car segment. Moreover, many of these vehicles have operating cycles that require hundreds of kilometres of travel carrying heavy loads on a daily basis. There is not going to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Hence, bringing electrification to CVs would require a lot of effort from both the governments and industries around the world. But despite all the hurdles the electromobility options in CVs are increasing at a decent pace.

Undeniably, as we push the technological boundaries to address climate change, bringing more sustainable forms of transport, the cost of EVs has dropped significantly. Also, there are drastic improvements in their operating range, performance and reliability.

Here you can find a list of all the best battery-operated electric trucks that are available in Europe.

Electric Trucks Europe – The Best Options

Volvo Electric Trucks Series

Volvo, one of the top-tier heavy-duty commercial vehicles in the market, is also a dominant player when it comes to electromobility. The company offers a wide range of fully-electric trucks of medium and heavy-duty classes to address varying demands of the market.

Its medium-duty lineup consists of FL Electric and FE Electric models, while the heavy-duty lineup consists of FM Electric, FMX Electric and FH Electric.

FL Electric

Volvo FL Electric Truck BEV Battery-operated
Credits – Volvo

The FL Electric is an ideal option for urban logistics and waste management. It has a GVW of up to 16.7-tonnes with Day cab or Short sleeper cab options available. The two-axle vehicle consists of an electric powertrain delivering continuous power of 165 kW to a peak of 200 kW.

FL Electric can have up to 317 kWh of battery capacity allowing it a driving range of up to 300 km, depending on various configurations.

FE Electric

Volvo FE Electric Truck
Credits – Volvo

The FE Electric is a medium-duty pure electric truck ideal for light urban transportation tasks and deliveries of various requirements. It has a maximum GVW of up to 27-tonnes with a wide range of cab options available.

The three-axled vehicle has its electric powertrain delivering its continuous power of 330 kW to a peak of 400 kW.

Battery capacities of up to 211 kWh which can be fast-charged in under 2 hours are available. The operating range of the model is dependent on the configuration and driving profile.

A range of up to 200 km can be expected doing distribution tasks while up to 120 km for refuse management and light construction.

FM Electric

Volvo FM Electric Trucks
Credits – Volvo

With a GCW of up to 44-tonnes, the Volvo FM Electric is a hugely versatile model that is suitable for a wide range of tasks in urban areas. The model is available in different configurations of tractor, rigid and tridem form (UK) factors.

The tractor options are 4×2 and 6×2, while the rigid version has 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×2 and 8×4 options available. All the axles come with air suspension and cabins of all lengths can be available in the model.

Its electric drive consisting of electric motors along with an I-Shift gearbox can deliver powers of up to 490 kW continuously. The torque obtained is up to 2400 Nm.

With options to install 450-540 kWh battery capacities, a range of up to 300 km is expectable. It takes around 9.5 hours to fully charge the batteries with 43 kW. At the same time, it is possible in around 2.5 hours with 250 kW DC fast-charging.

The FM Electric’s suitability for a wide range of bodywork makes it one of the most lucrative options in the market. 

FMX Electric

FMX Electric is an option from Volvo that is ideal for operating in urban spaces doing construction-related tasks. The model has most of its specifications similar to the FM Electric model.

FH Electric

Volvo FH Electric heavy trucks
Credits – Volvo

This heavy-duty model can handle large quantities of cargo freight with ease and deliver it swiftly, especially between fixed cargo hubs. The Volvo FH Electric is a zero-emission battery-operated heavy truck that is ideal for long-distance transport for large quantities of cargo between cities.

Offered in multiple variants of axle configurations in tractor, rigid and tridem form (UK), the truck has a GCW of up to 44 tonnes. The tractor consists of 4×2, 6×2 options. Rigid has 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×2, and 8×4.

Three motors along with the I-Shift gearbox, deliver continuous power of up to 490 kW and a torque of 2400 Nm.

Batteries capacities of 180 to 540 kWh are available which can give the silent load carrier a range of up to 300 km. It takes about 9.5 hours with 43 kW of AC full charge, while it can be attained in around  2.5 hours with 250 kW of DC fast charging.

Scania BEV Truck Series

Scania All-Electric Battery-operated truck
Credits – Scania

The Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer has its zero-emissions vehicles powered by different methods in several countries. Scania’s BEV range comprises of L and P cab type max GTW of 29 tonnes.

Wheel configurations of  4×2, 6×2 and 6×2*4 with axle distances from 3950 to 5750 mm are available to address varying requirements.

Up to 9 Li-ion batteries can be fitted for all axle options with distances over 4350 mm to get a capacity of 300 kWh. At the same time, there is also an option to use 5 batteries for distances above 3950 mm for a capacity of 165 kWh.

Charging the batteries can be done with a CCS type 2 connection of up to 130 kW/ 200A DC fast charging. 

DAF Electric Truck Series Europe

Dutch commercial vehicles manufacturer DAF is one of the leading companies bringing electromobility to the European market. The company offers its CF and LF series of zero-emission trucks in BEV form. 

CF Series

DAF Electric Trucks CF
Credits – DAF Trucks

The CF series has heavy-duty trucks in both tractor and rigid forms.

A tractor with a GCW of up to 37-tonnes with its two axles is ideal for transportation of large supplies to supermarts. While the 3-axle rigid form comes with a steered trailing rear axle which is suitable for waste management or a distribution vehicle. The rigid version has a maximum GVW of up to 29-tonnes.

Electric drive from VDL delivers both the forms of the CF series with a nominal power of 210 kW and a peak of 240 kW while torque of 2000 Nm is possible.

LFP battery capacities of 350 kWh allow the tractor to be driving for up to 220 km on a full charge, while the rigid version goes an extra 30 km further.

CF Series has 3 levels of regenerative braking allowing it to have a better driving range.

Quick charging the batteries takes about 75 minutes with a 250 kW power.

The tractor has a weight of around 9000 kg and the weight of the chassis cab of the rigid version is 10160 kg.

LF Series

DAF LF Series electric trucks
Credits – DAF

The LF series is a light-duty version suitable for urban distribution and other fixed tasks. DAF LF Electric comes in a rigid form of 4×2 with a maximum GVW of 19-tonnes.

Its electric drive from Dana produces a nominal power of 260 kW to a maximum of 370 kW with a torque rating of 1970 Nm.

LFP batteries of 282 kWh allow the truck a driving range of up to 280 km on a single charge. Fast charging the batteries from zero to eighty percent with 150 kW takes around two hours.

Renault Electric Truck Series

Renault Z.E. Electric vehicles Range
Credits – Renault Trucks

The French manufacturer is one of the foremost companies to bring electromobility to markets. Renault has its Z.E. lineup of all-electric commercial vehicles available in Europe. The Z.E. lineup consists of different sizes of vehicles addressing various demands of the market. These trucks are suitable to operate in urban and semi-urban spaces. 

Renault D Z.E.

The Renault D Z.E. model has a GVW of up to 16-tonnes. Its electric drive consists of an electric motor and a two-speed gearbox.  Delivery of continuous power of around 130 kW to a maximum of up 185 kW is possible.

Li-ion batteries of different capacity options of  200, 265, 330 or 395 kWh are available depending on wheelbase. The truck can have a range of up to 300 km depending on the battery configuration and driving profile.

Charging the batteries takes about 12 hours using a standard industrial outlet or in less than 120 minutes using fast charging.

Renault D Wide Z.E.

D Wide Z.E. is a bigger model with a larger payload capacity of up 17-tonnes and a GVW of up to 26-tonnes The vehicle is ideal for waste management tasks with its zero-emission operating profile.

Its electric drive consists of two electric motors and a 2-gear system. It can produce power 260 kW nominally to a maximum of 370 kW, while peak torque of 850 Nm is produced.

The batteries are of Li-ion type with a capacity of 200 kWh which allows the truck a driving range of up to 120 km. Charging the batteries takes about 8 hours with the onboard charger. Moreover, the truck is compatible with 150 kW fast charging.

Irizar e-mobility

Irizar e-mobility is a company that focuses on electric mobility solutions to respond to different market needs.

ie Truck 6×2

Irizar Ie truck - 6x2 Electric truck
Credits – Irizar e-Mobility

The ie Truck 6×2 is an all-electric truck that is available in two and three axes versions. The 8-meter long Irizar 6×2 chassis has a capacity of 18 tonnes.

The BEV truck can perform a wide range of applications but mainly focuses on urban waste management and goods distribution.

The cabin is accessible via a single 370 mm step, which according to Irizar is the lowest access height of a truck currently in the market.

The driver\’s seat has a pneumatic suspension and adjustable lumbar support. Also, the cabin can seat up to 3 passengers with safety belts for all of them.

Electric climate control cabin, camera mirrors are available as an option.

Electric drive of the vehicle can produce 3200 Nm of torque. It has pneumatic suspensions and has a max speed of 93 km/h with self-limiting at 85 km/h and do a maximum slope of 16 percent at 29 Tn at startup

Ie Truck 4×2

This is the smaller version of the Ie Truck.

The power ratings of the trucks are 160 kW of nominal power and 3000 Nm of torque nominally.

Battery specifications are Li-ion with a maximum of up to 300 kWh.

The maximum speed of the BEV is 93 km/h with self-limiting to 85 km/h.

The truck can climb 16 percent gradeability with 19 tonnes at startup.

Undeniably, one of the best electric trucks in Europe

Mercedes Benz Electric Truck Series


Mercedes-Benz eActros Electric Trucks
Credits – Mercedes-Benz Trucks

eActros is an all-electric BEV variant of Mercedes-Benz’s iconic Actros heavy truck. The electric goods carrier comes in 4×2 and 6×2 axle configuration options.

The electric drive of the eActros can output continuous power of 330 kW and a maximum of 400 kW. The transmission has 2 forward and 2 reverse gears. These trucks have a top speed of 89 km/h.

These trucks come with a standard range of up to 300 km.

Three lithium-ion batteries, each of 112 kW, come as standard and an additional battery for the extended range option. Charging the batteries from 20-100 in 75 minutes 336 kWh while it takes about 100 minutes for 448 kWh version.

Also, the 6×2 configuration can be coupled with a trailer, or have an additional range of 100 km in the extended-range variant. The 4×2 version has a  permanent GVW of 19 -tonnes while the bigger 6×2 has 27 tonnes and 27 tonnes (40 tonnes) with a trailer.

eActros is undoubtedly one of the best electric trucks in Europe.


Mercedes-Benz eEconic Electric Trucks
Credits – Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Mercedes-Benz eEconic is a pure electric variant of the regular Econic. The model has a permanent GVW of 27000 kg while the curb weight is around 9200 kg.

The ePowertrain of the Econic can deliver continuous power of 330 kW to a peak of 400 kW.

Its transmission consists of 2 gears (+ 2 reverse gears), while the maximum speed of the BEV truck is 89 km/ h.

Three battery packs of Li-ion with a combined capacity of 336 kWh enable a driving range of up to 100/ 150 km.

Charging the batteries from 20 to 80 percent SOC is possible in around 75 minutes. A maximum of 160 kW power is supported.

MAN eTGM Electric Truck

MAN eTGM Electric Truck BEV
Credits – MAN Trucks

Traton Group company MAN has eTGM – an all-electric battery-operated truck that is ideal for operating in urban areas.

Twelve Li-ion NMC battery packs of a combined capacity of 185 kWh give the vehicle a range of about 195 km. Its electric drive outputs a power of 264 kW with a torque of 3100 Nm. The vehicle has a fixed gear ratio without a manually operated gearbox.

It takes about 8 hours to fully charge the vehicle with a slow battery-conserving charging at 22 kW AC. The same can be possible in an hour on 150 kW DC fast-charging.

The vehicle has a permissible gross weight of 26 tonnes.

Futuricum Electric Trucks Europe

Futuricum Heavy Electric Trucks
Credits – Futuricum Trucks

This Swiss company, which specializes in electric mobility technologies, offers emission-free, silent trucks from 18 to 40 tonnes. They use chassis from different series of Volvo and Daimler trucks and produce custom solutions for individuals.

The Futuricum FH was developed on Volvo’s chassis from the corresponding segment. It is offered in different options of rigid and semi-trailer form with different payload and battery capacities.

The 18-tonne rigid is offered in battery capacities of 680 kWh to a whopping 900 kWh.

While the 40-tonne semi-trailer has similar spec battery offerings with additional lower capacity battery options of 340 kWh and 450 kWh.

A range of around 500 km can be obtained from the huge sizes of batteries.

The manufacturer set a Guinness world record for the longest driven truck on a single charge going a distance of 1099 km with Futuricum FH.

E-Force Electric Trucks Europe

E-Force Electric Trucks
Credits – E-Force One AG

E-force is a Swiss company that is active in e-mobility providing custom solutions for heavy-duty CVs since 2012. The truck chassis used by it mostly comes from IVECO.

E-Force EF26 is one of the heavy trucks from the company with a capacity of 26 tonnes and a permanent GVW of up to 44 tonnes.

The truck is driven by hybrid synchronous motors having maximum power ratings of 440 kW and 550 kW while a peak torque of 4050 Nm is obtained.

The truck is able to have a range of more than 450 km depending on the driving profile. Among the longest ranges of electric trucks in Europe.

It has an electronically limited maximum speed of 85 km/h

The batteries of NMC-C type and sizes from 170 to 340 kWh are available as per customer demand.

Normal AC charging takes up to 8 hours with 44 kW power, while it takes under an hour 350 kWh DC fast charging.

Volta Zero

Volta Zero Electric truck
Credits – Volta Trucks

Volta Zero is the first vehicle from the full-electric company since its foundation in 2017. The Zero is an all-electric truck that is ideal to address the logistics and distribution demands in urban spaces with clean and silent operation.

The driving range of the truck is stated to be around 150-200 km that is easily able most urban requirements.

Two options of the battery pack are available – a 150 kWh (usable) standard and 225 kWh (usable) high capacity. Moreover, it has a max speed of 90 km/h.

The cabin is of ergonomic design with seating space for 3 with the driving being in the center. It has wide visibility and advanced features.

The maximum payload capacity of the truck is  8.2-tonnes and has a GVW of 16-tonnes. Series production of the truck is on plans to start in late-2022 according to the company. Electric Trucks in Europe

Tevva BEV

TEVVA electric trucks BEV
Credits – Tevva Trucks

Tevva unveiled its 7.5-tonne pure electric BEV truck in September 2021. It is the first zero-emission truck from the company and can address the varying demands of urban logistics.

The truck can carry a payload over two tonnes with a GVW of 7.5- tonnes and has a maximum GVW of up to 8-tonnes. Ample platform space of around 15.36 square meters (16 Euro pallets). Also, the chassis cab is fully flexible allowing conversions to a wide range of demands.

Tevva prefers LFP-type batteries well-known for their excellent reliability and safety. Charging the batteries from zero to full takes about 5- 6 hours which can be easily possible overnight.

A driving range of around 250 km can be expected on a full charge, depending on driving conditions. These trucks come with detailed telematics for monitoring various system operations.

Moreover, the truck is available in left or right-hand driving types to meet with requirements of different geographies. 

These trucks are available for orders right now, with the first deliveries slated for Q3 of 2022.

Additionally, models like 7.5t REX, 12t REX and 19t REX with a range of up to 500 km are on plans for the forthcoming years.

All these feature-packed zero-emission trucks of British design make Tevva an excellent option in the commercial vehicles market.

Ginaf E Series (BEV)

Ginaf E Series Electric Trucks
Credits – Ginaf

Ginaf is a well-known brand in the Dutch commercial segment. The company has produced various technological solutions over its 70 years of operations. Ginaf has been building electromobility solutions of FCEV and BEV types for over a decade now. The company has a wide range of offerings in its zero-emissions lineup to cater to various segments of the CV market. Electric Trucks Europe

Various products include eSweeper, eWaste Collector Series, eCity Series, eCity Heavy Duty series and customized solutions.

eCity Series

These vehicles have a GVW in the range of 12000 to 18000 kg while the base chassis is may typically be of DAF LF series or Mercedes-Benz Atego.

Options to have battery capacities of 180-300 kWh which would allow a driving range around 150-300 km, depending on the configuration and other factors.

These trucks have an average consumption of 0.6 kWh/km.

eCity Heavy Duty Series

This class of trucks have GVW typically ranging from 16000-50000 kg, while base chassis may be of DAF CF/ LF, Mercedes-Benz Actros/ Econic.

While battery capacity and options are similar to eCity are available, the average energy consumption of this class of trucks is about 0.75 kWh/km.

eWaste Collector Series

The GVW of this series ranges from 22500 – 26000 kg and the chassis used may be of DAF LF or Mercedes-Benz Econic.

The installed battery capacities are around 200 kWh while the average consumption of these trucks is around 0.9 kWh/km

eSweeper Series

These trucks have a GVW of around 15000 kg while the base chassis is usually of DAF LF or Mercedes-Benz Atego.

These vehicles have around 200 kWh of battery capacity and consume energy at a rate of around 0.75 kWh/km

Framo E-way Electric Trucks

Framo e-Way is a German e-mobility company providing a range of options ranging from 7.5 up to 44 tonnes. These trucks can address demands of various segments like construction, logistics and distribution works in cities, vehicles required by municipalities and heavy-duty logistics.

Terburg Electric Tractor

Terburg All-electric Terminal Truck
Credits – Terburg

YT203-EV are electric tractors made by Terburg. These tractors come with battery capacities of around 222 kWh allowing a decent operating range. Also, the batteries come with a Thermal Management System (TMS) allowing the truck to be operable in a wide range of climates. 


Emoss is a Dutch company offering solutions in the electrification of vehicles with its fully electric and hybrid powertrain options.
The custom solutions offered by the company can be seen on heavy electric trucks across various countries.

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