Vitovt Truck Electro Prime electric truck

Belarusian company unveils its first Vitovt electric truck

As the electrification of commercial vehicles is starting to build momentum, many countries around the world are racing to tap into the market. Belarusian company Belkommunmash BKM Holding, famous for its electric urban transport solutions, presented the Vitovt Truck Electro Prime electric truck. A press report from Belta reveals.

To begin with, the truck based on the Vitovt design lineup will have a load capacity of around 7800 kg. Driving the truck is an electric asynchronous traction motor with a maximum power of 180 kW. Also, it has a maximum speed of 90 kilometres per hour.

LFP type batteries of around 273 kWh give the Vitovt electric truck a range of around 200 km on a single charge.

In intra-city operations, the average energy consumption is 1.1 kW/h. While the charging of the batteries takes about 90 minutes using a CCS2 socket.

The dimensions of the truck are 10500x2600x4000 mm, and the volume of the van body is 44 cubic meters. In addition, the Vitovt Truck Electro Prime comes with the ADAS Lv.1 system with functions like adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking and height adjustment.

Moreover, the ergonomically designed cabin interiors feature a climate control system, LED illumination and seats for two additional passengers. The centrally positioned driver’s seat has air suspension, headrest, lumbar support, heating and has eight different adjustments. Also, the driver has access to an LCD display, a touchscreen control panel along with a multimedia system.

The truck will undergo tests and certifications in the first half of this year before starting to take orders. Lastly, mass production is slated to begin in 2023.  

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