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Einride places a big order for BYD 8TT electric trucks

Einride has purchased 200 Class 8 BYD 8TT battery-electric day cab trucks for deployment across the US. A press announcement from BYD says. This order from the Swedish freight technology company is the largest order of its kind for BYD outside of Asia.

Firstly, the delivery of all the 200 vehicles will be in phases over a period of 12 months, commencing this February. Further, BYD assembles the trucks in Lancaster, California.

The BYD 8TT is a versatile all-electric BEV, capable of performing drayage, regional haul, and distribution work. 

The trucks come with 563 kWh of lithium iron phosphate battery packs, known for ultra-safe and reliable operation. Secondly, it has a battery charging capability of up to 185kW using CCS1. Also, the Electronic Parking Brake system, keyless entry and push-to-start functions are some of the features. Furthermore, the extended range 8TT offers a working range of around 321 kilometres per charge.

Einride will expand its global fleet of connected electric vehicles to serve its US customers throughout key transport regions using the BYD 8TT.

Einride Saga. Credits – Einride.tech

Moreover, using its Saga technology platform, the company will power its full fleet of signed BYD vehicles. To illustrate, the platform plays a critical role in ensuring electric shipping is efficient and optimized. 

“This historic order will give customers an up-close look at Einride’s industry-transforming intelligent operating system and our safe and reliable zero-emission battery electric trucks.” said Patrick Duan, Senior Vice President, BYD North America.

Niklas Reinedahl, General Manager North America at Einride. “This fleet of vehicles, which will be delivered at an industry leading pace and volume, will allow us to efficiently provide electric, cost-competitive and emissions-free transportation to our customers.”

BYD electric trucks

BYD is the leader in battery-electric truck deployments with more than 10,000 trucks in service around the world. Additionally, has over 200 trucks that are hard at work in the United States.

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