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QUANTRON unveils new electric trucks

Just a few months after introducing its CIZARIS 12 EV electric bus, the German e-mobility systems company Quantron unveils multiple additions of electric trucks to its electromobility portfolio. This time, it is the QARGO 4 EV Light Truck with a payload capacity of up to 2300 kg and the QUANTRON QHD BEV 50-280 4×2 heavy truck. The latter model will be a tractor unit based on the DAF CF Space Cab. According to a press release from the company, the unveiling of the new commercial electric vehicles will occur before a select audience of investors, press members and customers at the Q-Days 2022.


The QARGO 4 EV Light Truck is an ideal solution for last-stage deliveries and in urban areas.

It has an operating range of up to 350 km using 81 kWh LFP batteries from the leading company CATL.

Charging the cobalt-free battery to full takes 1.2 hours with 60 KW DC.

Other features include a payload capacity of up to 2300 kg and excellent maneuverability.

Max. engine performance120 kW
Operating rangeup to 350 km
Battery capacity81 kWh
Charging time (DC) Performance (DC)1.2 hours 60 kW
Payload2300 kg
Wheelbase3300 mm
Perm. total weight4500 kg


Another addition to the QUANTRON portfolio of electric trucks – is the all-electric Q-Heavy truck QUANTRON QHD BEV 50-280 as 4×2 tractor unit. It is based on the DAF CF Space Cab.

The zero-emission vehicle operates with a low-noise and therefore particularly pleasant driving style as well as having an operating range of up to 220 km and a maximum engine performance of 350 kW.

Recharging the 280 kWh battery to full takes 6.5 hours.

Max. engine performance350 kW
Max. engine torque3,500 Nm
TransmissionFully automatic 6-speed gear shift
3rd brakeRecuperation and retarder
Battery280 kWh
Operating range200-220 km
Charging time2 to 6.5 hours
Maximum charging capacity AC / DC44 kW / 150 kW

The Quantron Ecosystem consists of global players like QEV Technologies and EV Dynamics that cooperatively develop and produce Quantron products.

The vehicle modules come from Asia and are then adapted to suit European standards and individual customer requirements by the development team from QUANTRON and QEV Technologies.

At the event, Quantron will also present “QUANTRON VISION 2025” to guests.

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