SEA Electric SV6 EV step van White

SEA Electric shows new SV6 EV step van at WTW 2022

Electromobility tech company SEA Electric has unveiled its SV6 EV step van at Work Truck Week in Indianapolis, Indiana. The e-mobility company with its foundations in Australia shared the news on its Twitter handle and Linkedin.

The SEA SV6 EV is a Class 6 light, cost‐effective, and efficient system available in the battery‐electric last‐stage delivery segment. This is mainly possible thanks to the van’s medium‐voltage architecture and no requirement for active thermal management.

“Our mission is to eliminate approximately 1.133 billion kg of CO2 emissions over the next five years,” Tony Fairweather, founder and CEO of SEA Electric, said, “When compared to a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle, the benefits extend far beyond energy efficiencies. From an operational perspective, lower maintenance and running costs are a given, with the elimination of diesel consumption and fewer moving parts minimizing service costs. Our users can fully expect to recover any purchase price premium within a maximum five years, plus this return is often bolstered further depending on state or local initiatives available.”

Feature-packed all-electric SEA Electric SV6 EV step van

Powering the SEA SV6 EV is the SEA‐Drive 120b proprietary power system. With its 249.81 kW and 2501 Nm performance ratings, it can cover applications with a GVWR up to 11793 kg (Class 6).

With its 138kWh battery pack, the platform can deliver an unladen range of up to 273.59 km. 

Additionally, the vehicle can use fast charging at up to 100 kW and is compatible with vehicle‐to‐grid (V2G) charging capabilities.
The batteries come with a full five‐year warranty, with the warranty of the systems covering three years or 80467 km. 

In addition to supplying power to all ancillary systems, the mid‐mounted batteries improve safety and driving dynamics.

The management software of the system optimizes power distribution to the various sub‐systems of the vehicles. This energy conservation is backed up by passive and active stages of regenerative braking, charging the batteries when slowing down. 

To complement the onboard telemetry, a mobile app and fleet portal will soon be available. 

SEA Electric adds that further step‐van solutions from Class 3 to 5 are also on the plans.

Globally, SEA Electric deploys products in seven countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia and South Africa.

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