Futuricum Electric car transporter world's first

Designwerk delivers its first fully electric car transporter

The Swiss electric truck manufacturer Designwerk along with Galliker and Kässbohrer has developed and built the first all-electric car transporter. Designwerk said in a press release as the project comes to conclusion.

Together with logistics service provider Galliker Transport and vehicle body manufacturer Kässbohrer, Futuricum, the electric truck brand of the Designwerk Group have jointly developed and built the first electric car transporter.

At a small ceremony, the handover of the all-electric car transporter to the transport service provider Galliker Transport took place.

Tobias Wülser, founder of the Designwerk Group says, “With the completion of the electric car transporter, we are sending a prominent signal together with our partners. Today, electrically operated passenger cars can be delivered to the dealer emission-free. It is important to car manufacturers and us to contribute another piece to sustainable mobility.”

Futuricum Electric car transporter world's first
Credits – Designwerk AG

High-capacity electric truck for delivery of new vehicles

Firstly, the car transporter vehicle will cover distances of around 450 kilometres per day on Swiss roads With zero emissions

Four modular battery packs, amounting to a total capacity of 900 kWh drive its powertrain with a total output of 500 kW. 

In addition to the drive, the Kässbohrer body is also operable completely electrically.

Charging of the vehicle batteries can take place overnight after daily use.

However, using 350 kW DC fast charging, charging the vehicle to 80% within 1 hour and 45 minutes is possible.

  • Brand: Futuricum
  • Type: Carporter 26E
  • Manufacturer: Designwerk Products AG
  • Base chassis: Volvo FM
  • Power: 500 kW
  • Battery: 900 kWh
  • Transmission: 1-speed gearbox, gearshift and clutch free
  • Structure: Kässbohrer

Futuricum is a commercial vehicle brand of Designwerk Products AG with its headquarters in Winterthur. The brand aims at the development and construction of economical and ecological electric trucks.

Furthermore, the core competencies of the company allow the electrification of various vehicle bodies and conversions.

Futuricum thus offers individual solutions in wide areas of applications. Many of which include recycling logistics, distribution logistics, intralogistics, building logistics, agricultural and forest logistics as well as other transports.

Last year, Futuricum set the Guinness World Record for the longest distance covered by an electric truck without a recharging stop. Its truck covered a total of 1099 km in 23 hours.

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