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Volta Trucks’ first road-going model visits Stockholm

According to a tweet from the all-electric truck brand, Volta Trucks, their first road-going Volta Zero visited Stockholm, Sweden. This visit was ahead of cold-weather durability testing. The company said that it was a great opportunity to demonstrate the vehicle’s progression and to discuss the electrification of last-mile logistics with their shareholders from around the world.

Just recently, Volta Trucks had announced that it has appointed Steven Ditcher as its Chief Strategy Officer replacing Casper Norden. At the same time, Norden would take the role of Chief Fleets Solutions Officer. Steve Ditcher has vast experience of over 40 years in building high-performing businesses and cultures.

The company’s trucks will undergo trials before their due production by the end of 2022. A former MAN truck plant in Austria will be used by Styer Automotive to produce the vehicles under contract.

Many countries are planning diesel truck bans in urban areas in the forthcoming years. Paris, for example, would be banning diesel trucks with effect from 2024 and more cities are to follow the suit. As a result, many companies are looking for electric truck options to be able to continue working in those cities. 

The company has received a large number of orders last year from various major firms. One of them is an order of almost 1500 trucks by Deutsch Bahn’s Schencker logistics unit.

Volta Trucks has to produce around 5000 of its Zero trucks for customers in 2023.

The Zero is a 16-tonne tonne model that is purpose-built to address urban logistics needs. Moreover, the fully electric truck can operate with minimal environmental impact. It has an operational range of around 150-200 km that would suffice most city delivery needs. 

Four electric truck models of varying sizes are on the company’s plans and it expects to produce around 27000 trucks annually by 2025.

Volta Trucks’ first road-going model visits Stockholm

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